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May 9 2017, 09:16 AM
This thread is to detail each of our Site Canons. For the most part I will be doing one post per canon and linking it back to the Canon List.

This guide will detail parts of their backstory, as well as what parts are open to the player to create, as well as any powers or abilities the character may have.
May 8 2017, 06:33 PM
---Dimensional Travel---

Given that we have three Earths, and possibly more in the future, dimensional travel is a necessity for life on the forum. To that end, I felt it best if we had a list of the various means one might traverse one dimension to the next.

Please note, that only approved characters and methods on this list are capable of such feats. Not just anyone is capable of this.

This list will be updated as new options for dimensional travel become available.

~~Earth One~~
Barry Allen via the Speed Force
Savitar via the Speed Force
Wally West via the Speed Force
Eobard Thawne via the Speed Force
John Constantine via magic

~~Earth Two~~
Jesse Quick using the Speed Force with a dimensional breach (for now)
Zoom via the Speed Force

~~Earth Three~~
Jay Garrick via the Speed Force

~~Earth Nineteen~~
Gypsy via a dimensional energy manipulation

~~Earth 38~~
Kara Danvers via a device created by Cisco Ramon that creates a dimensional breach to Earth One

---Temporal Travel---

Similarly, temporal travel is available to certain characters. Please note that those found to be abusing this WILL be attacked by Time Wraiths in the form of the Staff, if not having their characters taken away entirely.

~~Earth One~~
Barry Allen can via the Speed Force
Savitar can via the Speed Force
Wally West can via the Speed Force
The Legends via the Waverider
Eobard Thawne has access to a Time Sphere

~~Earth Two~~
Jesse Quick can via the Speed Force
Zoom can via the Speed Force

~~Earth Three~~
Jay Garrick can via the Speed Force
May 8 2017, 12:26 PM
So, I just thought I'd share some of the stuff I'm working with on possible additions to the forum.

Earth 38 Additions

Floyd Lawton (Deadshot) -- This is the Will Smith version.
Bruce Wayne (Batman) -- This will be the Ben Affleck version, but we won't be using Batman vs Superman as any real canon here.
The Joker and Harley Quinn -- With Deadshot from Suicide Squad, I decided to add these two to Earth 38 as well.

In addition to this, I have images that I really like for female versions of Green Arrow and Deathstroke to arrive on Earth 38.

Earth 1 Additions

Arthur Curry (Aquaman) -- Due to the number of heavy hitters on Earth 38, I decided to explore Aquaman being on Earth One in our forum. Earth 2 did not feel like an accurate fit due to that Atlantis being more of a tourist resort from the information given.

Kara -- The evil Supergirl will hit Earth One sooner or later.

Red Tornado -- This is an Earth One variant of the villain in the Supergirl series.

I am also considered Batgirl and Nightwing as potential Earth One candidates. Bruce Wayne does exist in the Arrowverse, due to newspapers and the like on display in Flash and comments made across Arrow/Flash/Legends. But as far as having a Bruce Wayne character for E1, I'm not that sure.

The main trouble I'm having is when to place it. Rip Hunter has stated that he has seen Batman and Superman both, so they have existed on Earth One. The only trick is when have they existed.

It seems like they simply haven't emerged yet on Earth One, though Bruce Wayne is almost certainly in his 20s or 30s at the current time period, and possibly just gearing up to take on his role as Batman.

So to add in Batgirl and Nightwing, might require some creative time manipulation, possibly with some assistance from the Legends and the Waverider.
Apr 20 2017, 09:08 AM
So I wanted to see your opinions on this, before I made a decision.

In building the graphical canon list, I have been thinking about certain Canon characters. Ones that may not be as important, and may just as easily fall by the wayside due to their being more attractive canon characters, with powers or abilities, that you want instead.

So I have this concept of a Free Canon list. Certain characters will be placed on it, and they will not count towards your 5 canon limit.

The goal of this is to maybe get these characters more readily picked up.

Here are some examples from The Flash:

Linda Park
Scott Evans
Carla Tannhauser
Tina McGee
Cecile Horton

And from Arrow:

Susan Williams
Walter Steele
Dinah Lance
Donna Smoak

Supergirl adds in some as well:

Amelia Hamilton
Jim Harper
Katherine Grant

So, what do you guys think?
Jan 14 2017, 12:59 AM
I thought I'd open this discussion for members to pitch out ideas for possible future plots or alterations to the forum. This is mainly to see what you guys think, and to maybe come up with some gems about things that can be done with our futures.
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