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1. Be respectful of all members.
This one is simple. Show everyone respect. You are not required to like everyone on here, but you will at the very least show them respect.

2. Do not take a major character if you cannot maintain the activity levels required for said character.
While I realize we all have our favorite characters from these shows, real life can be a hassle. If you love Barry Allen and want to be him, but are only able to be online once every other week, claiming him will only hinder the roleplay for others involved with him and S.T.A.R. Labs.

3. Do not take on more characters or threads than you can handle.
It's great that you love characters. But do not register ten different characters, when you are only able to post once or twice per week. Try to maintain a balance between your activity levels and the number of characters you will use here. This is so your posting can remain steady, and everyone will be happy.

4. No excessive swearing, or sexual roleplay.
At this time, I cannot afford to keep the forum premium, in order to allow for sexual threads. With that in mind, if you wish to be involved sexually with another character (and hopefully they agree!), then please take it to instant messenger or somewhere private and away from the forum boards.

It is perfectly acceptable for you to play as a character in love with another character. Just fade to black if the romance becomes heavier than kissing and light fondling.

5. Age Limitations
At this time, it would be best for all characters to be at least 16 years of age or older. For those wishing to be married and have children, you may use these children as NPCs of your established characters.

6. Double Posting and Solo Threads
Double posting is allowed in In-Character threads, only after a fixed amount of time has passed without a reply. This is mainly if you create a thread with one of your characters, and nobody joins the thread within at least a week. If seven days have passed since you created a thread, you may post again to move it forward.

Solo Threads are allowed here, though we expect them to not completely dominate your character's existence. This is especially true for Canon characters, and more so for Special Characters. A good ratio to maintain with this is that no more than one thread out of five active ones should be a solo one, per character.

7. Be Active!
I cannot stress this one enough. If you are finding it hard to find something to do with your character, talk with the staff or plot with others. Loss of muse can happen, but if you are displaying loss of muse three weeks out of every month, it may be time to give up your character and select another one.

Or talk with the staff to see if we can't determine what is behind your loss of muse with the character. So that together we can work to correct the situation.

8. Activity Checks and Posting Requirements
While these may pop up every month or two, there is currently no posting requirement on the forum. I do not want anyone to feel pressured to post in order to stay out of trouble, and so have the community as a whole end up with sub-standard posts that were written solely to meet a post requirement.

The activity check is primarily a way to determine if members have gone inactive and left the forum. If this is the case, they will be shifted to an appropriate group, so that guests and new members can have an accurate accounting of the number of characters we have currently in use.

9. Suggestions, Comments, or just needing some Help
If you have any suggestions about the site plot, possible events, or anything in general, we have a board setup for you to post in. While we may not implement all suggestions, the staff will surely give each one a going over to see how well it fits into the site as a whole. This board can also be used to post comments, or you can PM them to a staff member.

Similarly, if you need help with something on the forum, we have a Help board that you can post in. If it is something minor that could be answered with a simple Yes or No, you can use the Cbox if a staff member is present to answer you. If it requires a more detailed explanation, you would be better off using the board.

10. The Shoutbox
Lastly, the Shoutbox will be a place where you can post when you have replied to a thread, or sent a PM to a member. However, if you are posting rapidly with a member on the same day, please limit the use of the Shoutbox to your first reply only.

An example would be if two members are roleplaying together in a thread, and they commonly go through 10 posts in a day to one another. This would quickly flood out the Shoutbox and make it hard to find where other members have posted in it.

Instead, please use the Alert system and tagging one another. While everyone is encouraged to tag other participants in a thread each time they post, this can be a more effective means of letting your partners know you have replied, when you are posting rapidly.

11. The Staff
Last, and probably most important, the staff here are not gods. If you wish to discuss a decision by the staff, or a warning that may have been given, feel free to do so.
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