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Jan 13 2017, 03:39 PM

Danica Kayla Vaughn



So my thoughts are these two have just met recently. Which isn't too out of the realm of possibility. The city has been through some tough times lately. They could have possibly met while the city was being while they were taking out some criminals?

I was thinking she could work for the CIA or ex-ARGUS. Perhaps one of their best up and coming agents. Whatever the case is I think her job or position would be a secret, at least something she would want to keep from him. After all he runs with the streets on a part time basis and wouldn't likely tell her any of this.

She's had a lot of training and so she a natural when it comes to fighting. Maybe she spent part of her life in the military or some other form of experience. That's what I envisioned for her, if you'd like to change it or add to it then by all means go for it.

I was thinking she came from a more humble background. The girl knows what its like to struggle within this messed up world. She doesn't take things for granted. As for her personality, this might seem stereotypical or odd to say, but she has to have an attitude. She's afro-latina, so make her a nice blend of both.
Jan 1 2017, 02:19 PM


The Manhunter

Lucas Wright is a world class assassin, detective, a previous dead man, victim of kidnapping, and a man on a mission. He was a part of one of the biggest organizations known to be a myth. He's learned that vendettas get people killed, so now he's stopping all criminals, currently as the Manhunter.

Alright let us talk about friends. They’re not something Luke has many of in fact they’re few and far between, but you don’t get where he is in life without a few people to call friends to help you along the way. He looks after the little man and makes sure no one gets stepped on or harmed un-rightfully and because of his past experiences in the Judah and the Marines he’s certainly gained some respect from his peers but he likes to keep to himself, and usually you’ll find him training, reading a good book, or protecting some little guy from a bully or two. That is when he isn't out saving the little guy.

Creeps, Crooks, beware. Luke is on the case, or rather on yo _ _ _…well fill in the blanks. Luke doesn’t take kindly to ungrateful people or flat out hateful souls, which has gained him quite a few enemies in his life. Plus there’s the fact that he’s rose pretty high in the Wolves in his years of service and probably rubbed some people the wrong way getting to where he is today. Did we mention he’s also quite the arrogant beast and isn’t afraid to let someone know how terrible they are at something? Or that he just so happens to be the newest vigilante to hit the streets? Yea, enemies are definitely something he has a lot of. Where do you see yourself?.

Luke because of his life, under the mask and not under the mask), has always had problems with relationships. He was always to busy. Since he's been a hero since childhood, he's always been to occupied with that work at all times. He has a crush on this girl he's met during missions, anyone want info PM me (and look at the want ad once its up), but can do some flirting, or one night stand.
Dec 29 2016, 04:13 PM


Lucas Ezra Knight III
  • Age: 18 years old
  • Gender: Male
  • Home: Star City
  • Earth: Earth 1

Physical Appearance

Lucas is of a rich chocolate brown complexion, almost mahogany in tone. His build is rather slender and lithe, as his training has been focused mostly in speed, stamina, and agility. Anthony is 6'2 weighing 195 lbs. His facial features are decidedly Hispanic given that he is a near spitting image of his father. Luke is of a slightly mixed race descent, his mother half Cuban and half African American, while his father is Colombian. His skin tone is more in line with his mother's but Lucas also possesses the short black and dark brown eyes of his father.


To put it simply, Luke does not take life lying down. If he wants something, he goes for it. Often this makes him come across as reckless, arrogant, or calloused, and while at times he can be each of these things, his intentions tend to be met with at least a half-hearted effort to do the right thing (which usually causes him to do what good people cannot for the betterment of the situation). For Luke, the goal comes first. This mentality leaves him with little sympathy for people's feelings and zero remorse for breaking the law. Sometimes the law, after all, is something that must be sacrificed for the greater good. When it comes time to get the job done, Luke is more than confident in his ability to do so. He believes himself to be superior in many ways to many people.

Through all of his bravado and showmanship, however, there is a small part of Luke that still is good. But he truly believes that after all he's done, maybe he's meant to bear the burden of "the hard choice" so that others don't have to and so that organizations like the Hand don't have the opportunity to tear cities apart. Luke does not really see the world in shades of gray like most others, but there is right, and there is wrong, though which is which can often be hard to see. He does not hold back from killing if it is just. He always tries to respond with equal force, but he does not forbid himself from killing the way some of his allies do.

With that understanding, he does hold himself to the laws of whatever nation he is currently in, and he tries to abide by their ways and respect their culture unless it flies in the face of his own. He is a realist in that he does not try to be overly optimistic or overly pessimistic, but he deals with the facts as he sees them and weighs the probabilities. He is always hopeful that things will go well, but he always tries to be prepared regardless of the outcome. He is not afraid to argue with his friends. He realizes that it is inevitability, and that he will come to disagree with his friends and allies if their interests are against the interests that he has sworn to protect.

His interactions with his friends are often warm, and supportive. He tries to be a shoulder to lean on, and a listening ear. He will correct if needed, but he will try to do so kindly. Amongst the public eye he is far more rigid, a man of nobility and protocol, often silent and thoughtful. He does not often smile when removed from the company of his friends or companions. His sense of humor can be hard to find sometimes, but he has been known to appreciate dry wit, and the occasional pun.




  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Compared to most of the assassin's, his personal style is very distinctive. Luke has mastered several fighting styles, specializing in ancient martial arts. His unique style is both unpredictable and dangerous. His unique fighting style is very acrobatic and heavily attack-oriented, primarily utilizing powerful sweeping kicks, aerial takedowns. More like Combat Parkour, though it involves elements of Abir Qeseth, Capoeira, Sambo, Savate, Western Boxing, Kempo, Escrima, and Ninjutsu can be seen most notably in his arsenal.
  • Acrobatics: Manhunter is extremely flexible and agile. He is able to perform nearly everything from front hand springs to advanced backflips and everything in between. He also is able to twist his body in order to fit into narrow spaces to make his way through air vents and other means of building entry that may be out of normal reach. He is also skilled in balance and quick climbs, using rope ladders as practice to keep himself in pace with younger counterparts.
  • Shield Combat: It's given him a defensive form of his combat from the material of the shield, allowing it to absorb different sorts of impact and its large enough to give Mal enough protection from it. The shape of the shield minimizes wind resistance, making the shield to be useful and powerful on the offensive side when it is thrown. From its weight and the material, it can bounce off of almost any object yet also crush and destroy them. This unique weapon has given Mal an upper hand, allowing him to take foes down when they have their guard lowered.
  • Stealth and Escape Mastery: What good is an assassin that can't get in and out of somewhere without being noticed? Luke was trained with that question in mind. He learned from his years of hunting to walk and run while making the minimum amount of noise his body possibly could. He learned to be silent, hide in the shadows, and to avoid being noticed by onlookers. He also learned to avoid and manipulate technology specifically meant to detect sneaky intruders, like cameras and motion sensors.

    Stick fighting: Luke carries a pair of expandable batons that combine to form a bo-staff. This allows him to quickly use both long range and close combat techniques. He is highly skilled in different forms of stick/staff fighting. Using his staff he was able to quickly take out multiple armed soldiers in mere seconds. He also knows Chinese and Roman Spear fighting techniques.
  • High Intellect: Luke has received excellent education from his school years and tutoring from the Chaste and James, and thus has extensive knowledge of various subjects, which include Science, Mathematics, Forensic Medicine, Criminology, Metallurgy and Psychology. He is fluent in several languages including Portuguese, French, English, Spanish. During his time in the mountains, Luke learned what animals were good for nourishment.
  • Medical knowledge: Luke knows much on human anatomy, able to torture people for hours without fear of killing them. From Mão Amiga, Luke learned pressure point manipulation, able to paralyze a person into a seemingly dead state and undo it. For healing, Luke can patch up most injuries on himself or others, even bullet wounds, and able to quickly determine the nature of a poison. Luke is also is skilled in meditation, able to guide others in regaining memories.
  • Eidetic Memory: This is just another way of saying he has a photographic memory, something that has helped him in his studies and allowed his to have such a wide knowledge base.
  • Survivalist: After being stranded on the Miséria mountains and forced to survive, Lucas transformed himself into a hunter by learning to rely on his abilities and intelligence, as opposed to the wealth and privilege that had been gifted to him. The incident surfaced many skills that Luke had accumulated throughout his life, including fire-starting, shelter-building, and the most significant, spear combat. However, Knight also learned to develop vital skills necessary for his survival, notably stealth, patience, and attentiveness – traits that were previously foreign to the young Lucas Knight. Throughout the kid's time n the mountains, Luke became an independent survivor with the skills and instincts of a superb hunter, a man that contrasted the dependent child that had been tossed into the mountains. Although Manhunter does not kill for survival in the present, the abilities and self-reliance that he acquired from his experience is still used by the vigilante on a daily basis. Without a doubt, becoming a hunter has made Luke both a better man and a better crime-fighter.
  • Network: Luke has established many connections with various organizations over the course of his life, gaining aid for various natures. These organizations Comando Vermelho, La sangrienta rosa crime family, US Military and the League of Assassins.


  • Suit: Luke wears a tactical suit of body armor. It is predominantly black, but also adds blue. It has protective plates and composite fiberglass, which overlap the feet, shins, forearms, chest and shoulders. His suit is built around a base of a simple two piece bodysuit, made out of various stretch fabrics, Kevlar, and various anti-ballistic materials and other composites. This creates a very lightweight base which is highly resistant to small arms fire, piercing (to a degree,) and is protects him from the elements (to a degree,) and grants him a limited degree of extra durability.
  • Shield: The circular shield is virtually invulnerable to nearly all forms of physical attack, but a sufficient amount of applied pressure could crack or even shatter the shield. It's hardness is resilient enough to provide a near indestructible barrier in most combat or defensive situations. It is capable of deflecting all calibers of fire, as well as shielding from most heavy projectiles (a very limited amount of times). Based on how wealthy and well connected Ra's is, he has made this shield from depleted promethium, titanium and vanadium. Those metals give it the immense durability that it has.
  • Spear/Bo-Staff: A collapsible metal staff, this is Luke's secondary weapon. It can be used to strike and attack, and spun around as a makeshift shield. If he clicks the button in the middle a blade protrudes from the tip. The composition of the staff is strong enough to block blasts of energy and support a large amount of weight. It can also be separated into 2 Eskrima sticks.
  • Utility Belt: Luke wears a utility belt containing mission-specific equipment such as a first aid kit (containing tweezers, antiseptic gel coated band aids, bone and muscle pain reliever spray cans and antidotes for some toxins.), military cable, lock picks, grenades, and several other materials. He wears his utility belt low-slung, in contrast with more organized application of field equipment.
  • Mask: Luke possesses a all black mask. The version he has specifically was Mao's which then gave it to Isabelle, who after her death gave it to luke. It is a solid mask with a fabric balaclava but the bottom half has a black skeletal jaw.The accessory that is normally located atop the cranium of the young vigilante. This needed piece of equipment can protect from most impact blows but can be broken down if struck with enough force.


The story of Lucas Ezra Knight III starts in San Juan, Puerto Rico many years ago. His father Luke Junior, a Spec Ops agent, had traveled to San Juan while following a lead on a massive drug and illegal weapons ring. At the same time as this the woman known as Kairi Chanel, of the Puerto Rican Nation Guard , was already in San Juan as it's resident hero for lack of better words. Unknown to either party, the two had cases that stumbled upon the same crime ring and were following parallel leads until the two eventually crossed paths. Upon finding out the two were going after the same syndicate the two decided to join forces, at least for a short time. Little did they know what would eventually become of this joining.

The longer the two worked to track and build a case against the syndicate the closer the two got. The teaming went on for several months, both finding promising leads from time to time. Eventually a year passed and the two slowly began to form more than just a working relationship. That year working together brought them to a point where the respect and trust that Luke showed Kairi made her feel like he didn't view her as a weak little female and in return she treated Luke like he wasn't the cold man he was known as, not just someone under the wing of the original. Time went by and eventually the tag team took down the weapons ring and with that done the two actually took the time to think about what had occurred over their time together. Two years spent side by side and the two agreed their feelings were indeed very mutual. Soon after, however, something came up that would change their lives forever. The two were planning to go to the states for a time but only a week before they were meant to leave Kairi approached Luke with some interesting news. She had become pregnant with their son.

Luke was a mix of emotions but eventually settled on happy, though he wasn't sure how well his father would take the information, so early in his life. However, the two decided to move to New York and would play it by ear from there. After young Luke was born things seemed to be rather normal. However, when he was 4 years old, his parents began his training in the martial arts. While they didn't admit it to him they wanted to start early on the off chance any of their many enemies decided to try and come after him when he was older. As he grew older his skills in martial arts grew as well. He was a natural student and this was only compounded with his intellect. The two parents were proud of the young Luke and they saw only great things for him.

Around the age of 6, once Luke felt he was old enough, the young Luke began learning how to work with a martial arts. As with his father and Grandfather, the boy was a natural and took to the skills easily. Luke loved his life and between training and school he would spend time outside playing and keeping his fitness up, even if he didn't know it at the time. When he turned 10, his father ran to be mayor of New York. He won, and Luke's life turned into something complicated. Private schools and security around him, but life went on and Luke soon found himself testing out of grades in elementary and middle school, almost managing to make his way into high school at the age of 12. Planning on taking all of the Honors courses he could and even some of the more advanced pre-college courses Luke set himself on a path to not only graduate by 16. Which was when his life flipped into a downward spiral.

Once he turned 11, Luke was kidnapped by mercenaries and held for ransom. They were taken into the clefts of the Guiana Shield in South America. He was kept there for 6 months with no plan for an escape.

During his stay on the cell, Luke was saved by a man by the name of Mão Amiga, through Mão Amiga, he learned a lot about the area and how to survive. Luke learned that survival was the key to getting off this mountains alive. However, soon, he would be captured by a man named Daniel O'Bryan that Mão Amiga tried warning him about and he would catch sight of Mão Amiga working for this man, this actually went on to happening more than once and each time, Mão Amiga helped him escape.

Mao did his best to always protect and look out for his friends Luke, James and his daughter Isabelle. He was a prisoner in the mountains of Miseria. He was believed to be extremely dangerous by the Brazilian government, a fact proven true as only people to dangerous to society, and to hard to hold prisoner, are sent to the nearly inhospitable mountain range. It was later revealed, by his daughter, that the Brazilian military forced him to be their scapegoat in massacring innocent people, and that he was sent to the mountains for crimes he did not commit.

Then the final time, he was pushed off a waterfall and handed directions and a note to go to a certain location. The moment that Luke arrived at this location, he was attached by a very large man who he would later find out was named James King of the US Special Forces. At first these two men would be at odds, Luke found James to be his ticket to get home, it wasn't so. It was rough for James to finally take hold, but James didn't want a kid's blood on his hands when he knew he could keep the kid safe and alive.

Then Luke proved himself and from then on, James would agree to train him, so for months, years even James and Luke would train together, but during this entire time, they’d halt their training sessions in search of a way off the mountains, of course their ticket off the mountains was making it inevitable for them to come face to face with O'Bryan, now one of the times they faced off against O'Bryan, they saved Mão Amiga’s daughter, Isabelle, then the duo became a trio and soon Luke would learn from both Isabelle and James. From Isabelle, he became an expert stick and shield fighter. The three of them would spend a long time together on the mountains, in turn Luke and Isabelle would spark up a mother-son relationship. Of course, when Luke found his way into a cell on a ship, he kept his mouth shut which was when he got shot and handed a medical kit to fix himself up, which he did eventually but it was in this prison where he met Matheus Henrique of the Comando Vermelho (which was what he would learn later on in life).

After the death of Isabelle at the hand of O'Bryan, Luke was blamed for her death. This turned James against Luke, at this moment, At 17 he would free the prisoners and take them to the mountains with him and but what O'Bryan let James believe it had now put Luke and James on a collision course that ended up with James being thrown down a hole and seemingly dying and Luke putting his spear through O'Bryan's chest.

After his confrontation with James and O'Bryan, Luke woke up two days later, Luke would wake up in some type of bed, hoping that the horrors were just a dream, but instead staring at a two people in ninja suits and a man telling him that they were The League of Assassins.

They had taught him many things. Espionage, assassination techniques and groomed him to be the perfect assassin. Especially at such a young age where he was so naive that he believed everything they taught and told him. They were eager to increase their army, and were all too happy to dig their steely talons into a fresh, promising talent such as Lucas. He was supposed to be dead so there would be no worry of anyone finding him, which made it a even more good find.

During the years of his training, when he was sent out into the streets, Lucas actively avoided his mother but still kept tabs on her. He followed his mother as she returned to captain the police force and working for the NYPD (after she quit the CIA) and even actively sending her any money he stole from his assassination targets. And as for his father he's joined the ARGUS after stepping down from the leading role two years ago.

Within The League of Assassins, Luke finally thought he found his place in life. The shield that he wields was given to him by Ra's al Ghul himself. He was a prodigy in the League, but was too young at the time, and hadn't completed his training to become Heir to the Demon. And the spot was given to Oliver. Then he met The Canary, or Sarah Lance. She'd saved his life. Begrudgingly, but she did. And after they argued for a while, she finally told him the truth about what The League of Assassins actually did. They were killers, which he didn't see as a surprise, but they were worse. They served demons and brought dead people back to life, who from what he'd heard were the bad guys, and they've killed people. He didn't believe it at first, and after he snuck and had did some research into his kidnapping, it turned out that the mercs were hired by The League of Assassins sent to manipulate him to be groomed into a treacherous weapon. Knowledge of this caused him to flee. And taking down a few members of The League of Assassins within his escape.

When Canary told him that the League was no more, he decided to use his pain and suffering and put it to use against criminals. He's been operating as a vigilante for the past year, under the Green Arrow's view popping up at random times, until now when they accidentally crossed paths.

OOC Account: Soul
Roleplay Experience: 3-4 years
Familiarity with Canons, if applicable: I am caught up on all the CW shows, and kind of skilled in Constantine

RP Sample
Spoiler (Show/Hide)

Up against the odds and his back pressed into a corner. That’s not usually how Lucas found himself, that wasn’t a situation he was used to being in. He was supposed to be good at this kind of stuff, he had been doing it for an entire year straight and never once got caught. Not once did the ‘bad guys’ catch on, they didn’t get smart. The criminals were a superstitious and crowded bunch. They were smart, at least not as smart as him, and they sure as hell didn’t pack back up in hidden wall panels just in case someone came along and decided to break up their gun smuggling operation. Yea, that’s right not only did he get caught by a bunch of rogue assassins it was at a warehouse filled with goons who were smuggling guns into the city. So they were loaded.

You may be thinking to yourself ‘well at least he was able to take down a couple of men before they noticed, right?’ And you would be right he had been able to incapacitate some of the men before the rest of the group was able to take notice but that didn’t matter. He was still outnumbered 30:1. Lucas was good, hell that was being modest, he was probably the best at what he did. But thirty armed men each with swords to guns ranging from pistols to fully automatic assault rifles against him with a sword, two wrist blades, and throwing knives? He would have to be lucky. Or have super powers and Dammit it was times like these he kind of wished he had super powers, or at least a ton of money that let him buy gear that could somehow get him out of this mess.

But no. He didn’t have any of that, all he had was his wits and training and that would have to do. It always had before, this time although a hell of a lot more difficult was no different. His eyes quickly scanned the room from underneath his black mask taking in all the opportunities before him. Relaying each and every possible situation that could happen and what would happen if he did this thing or that thing. Most didn’t look good; most ended in his death. Some ended in the deaths of the men pointing their weapons at him. As much as he didn’t want to die, he didn’t want them dead either. They were just on the wrong side of things, and didn’t deserve to bear the burden because of who they felt would help them. So, he took the one possible situation that didn’t end in death and his victory. He acted quickly.

Rolling his wrist to the right his throwing knife in that hand flew forward with his hand smacking the hand of the man closest to him on that side. It started a chain reaction. The force of the blow made the man squeeze the trigger before dropping the gun in pain but that was all that was needed. It’s rounds firing off at the men across from him hitting at least five of them in the knees or lower causing each of them to cry out in pain and drop their weapons. Six down and twenty-four to go the masked man continued his tactic. Snapping the pistol out of the hand of the next man he used it to pistol whip him in the head before spinning and grabbing the next closest man. Disarming him the gun clattered to the ground as he put the pistol he had acquired up against that man’s head.

He knew the gun fire would have attracted some sort of attention and although he had hoped to keep himself a secret forever he knew that in this City someone was on their way. It was filled with all the little boys and girls trying to play hero. He just hoped he got an experienced one to help him take down the other twenty. That’s right twenty. He had pushed the man forward barreling into the group in front of them knocking one guy down on the ground as Lucas flipped over on top of both of them slamming their heads into the ground before swinging his body in such a way that he went behind a wall, using it for cover as the bullets whizzed by him. That help would be really appreciated right now. But relying on someone else was going to get him nowhere, he had to act fast or he’d end up deader than dead. This was not how this night was supposed to go. Not in the slightest.
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